BCS: Brazoria County’s “Counter Culture”

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Call me what you want. Spiritual. Religious. Christian. Fanatic. I’m one that stands up for right no matter the cost. I still value hard work, honesty, and good morals and character. I teach my kids to be kind, to have self-control, to be patient and peaceful and to build others up instead of tearing them down. I actually hold them accountable for their behavior. (Gasp!) Call me old-fashioned, but I simply refuse to blend in and accept the philosophies and values of a culture that says that right is wrong and wrong is right. I refuse to teach my kids that compromise is okay. I refuse to exchange the incredible calling that God has on each of their young lives for…well, truly NOTHING in return.


In the 8 months that my 12-year-old son has been enrolled in a really great local public school, he’s been bullied mercilessly. He’s been exposed to pornography repeatedly and he’s had to deal with male classmates continuously revealing themselves to him and expressing their desire to rape other boys. He’s been approached by a young girl (can’t quite use the term “lady” here) about sex, and he’s learned how to hack into computer systems. He’s gained an entire new vocabulary of vulgar and offensive terms. He’s been exposed to liars, cheaters, thieves, and the most rude, disrespectful children I’ve ever encountered in my life. Much to my surprise, we haven’t personally encountered drugs yet, but it’s just a matter of time…because they certainly are there. For those of you who don’t think your kids are facing these issues in the public school system, they are. They just aren’t telling you about it.


These issues have nothing to do with the particular SCHOOL that my son is enrolled in. The administration of the school is wonderful. The teachers are incredible and are truly working to make a difference in these kids’ lives. The problem lies in the CULTURE that my son is stuck growing up in. You see, we live in a culture of increasing darkness and depravity.  Good morals and values are rare finds these days. Our kids are constantly bombarded with worldly influences that lure them into compromise.  Now more than ever, our children are being distracted from seeking out and embracing what’s good, and right, and pure, and true. And we as parents are simply standing by and watching rather than actively making change for the better in our kids’ lives.


 I am always stunned when another Christian parent rolls their eyes or raises their eyebrows at my concern, saying “Oh well, kids will be kids” or “We’re going to let them sow their wild oats now and they’ll straighten out later.” Seriously? Open your eyes parents! If you allow your children to tolerate, or worse, to embrace, their peers’ bad behaviors now-they BECOME these things themselves later in life. The lazy, disrespectful, selfish, immoral attitudes and actions that most parents seem to think are “harmless”now don’t change over the years. They produce lazy, disrespectful, selfish immoral adults.


Now, as Christian adults, we generally keep our distance from situations and influences that can damage our own character. Yet, we don’t give that option to our kids. We say, “They are going to run into the bad stuff at some point in life so it might as well be now so they can go to this school with great electives.” Or maybe it’s the sports opportunities that we’re after. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that it’s free education. We don’t realize that free education actually comes with a very high price. And guess what? We aren’t the ones paying it. Our kids are.


If you confine an alcoholic to a bar, will it be possible for him to resist the temptation to drink? Can he maintain his sobriety surrounded by his weakness? Yes, it’s absolutely possible. And it’s also absolutely VERY unlikely. Our precious children, as wonderful as they are, are born with a sin nature-a pre-disposition to do the wrong thing. How can we as loving and supportive parents raise them within a culture that constantly pressures them to do the wrong thing and expect them to do the right thing? Is it possible that they’ll make it through fine and dandy and turn out to be amazing moral adults full of integrity and wisdom and capable of making right decisions? Sure it is. But how likely is that- when they’ve been taught (directly or indirectly) the exact opposite by those around them seven hours a day, five days a week? I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to roll the dice.


We could argue all day long about whether or not it is good to “shelter” children and at what point they are strong enough to make good decisions when the majority of their peers are making bad ones, but ultimately, as parents, we are accountable to God for what our children are taught. My kids and their futures are entirely too important to me to be molded by a morally deteriorating culture. A better football program and more electives to choose from just aren’t worth the price my kids will have to pay. I’ll take my chances on sheltering them in order to raise the bar.


While there is no perfect solution to the problem (because there will never be a culture of “perfect” kids,) there is an excellent alternative in our area. There is a counter culture right here in the Brazosport area that most people don’t even know exists. Located in Lake Jackson, the Brazosport Christian School has served our community for the past 32 years as an independent and non-denominational private school representing over 40 different area churches. BCS produces people like me: intelligent, strong, competent risk-takers that desire to impact our world. People that know that they have a God-given purpose on this earth and that set their mind to fulfill it. People who are bold enough to live out their faith without shame and without compromise.


Years ago, in the early days of BCS, the loving Christian environment and the fact that any child that wanted to participate in sports or cheerleading was included in the program were the school’s main advantages. However, as BCS has grown and advanced over the past three decades, there is little left to be desired in this school. The administration, staff, and teachers at BCS are amazing, pouring their time and energy into the students and loving them as their own. They are virtuous and truly lead by example. They don’t show up to work to collect a paycheck. They show up because God has called them to help build a generation that seeks the truth. A generation that seeks righteousness and godliness. A generation that seeks to know Him.


As far as academics go at BCS, my child in the PK-4 program started reading little readers at 4 years of age and just 3 months later is now reading “real” books from the library! On the other hand, I have an older child who struggles academically and her teachers have gone above and beyond to help her keep up with the rest of the class. In addition to superior academic excellence, individualized attention, and much smaller student-to-teacher ratios, BCS offers advanced level high school courses, national honor society, student council, and various clubs to enhance student learning. College scholarship opportunities are readily available and are more attainable as the seniors are not competing against ten times as many students to earn them.


BCS is well-known throughout the state for its excellence in athletics including 6 man football, girls and boys basketball, volleyball, softball, baseball, track, golf, tennis, and cheerleading. Furthermore, the coaches and student-athletes are gracious competitors who embrace challenge, enjoy the sport, win with humility, handle defeat with dignity, advocate for their sport and are positive role models within the community.


Due to the school’s zero –tolerance policy on bullying, I don’t have to worry about my children being teased or taunted for being overweight or underweight or too ugly or too nerdy or too poor or too silly or too quirky or just not “cool” enough. My brainiac can just be himself and that’s okay. My social butterfly can take on all the friends she can manage and my more introverted child is treated kindly by everyone and can make friends if and when she feels the need. The children in each grade level form deep friendships at BCS and they genuinely love each other and respect the diversity within the school. Is every kid at BCS always on the right track? Of course not. But a child that is consistently making wrong choices at BCS is by far the exception rather than the rule. And I can guarantee you that the exact opposite is true elsewhere- the kid on the right track being the rare jewel of the bunch.


With all its benefits, private education does not come without a price. Curriculum and equipment are expensive. Teachers and bills must be paid and expenses add up quickly when the state isn’t contributing any assistance. However, I can assure you that in the long run, you will reap much more in the individual that your child grows into than you sowed into the tuition. Sending us kids to BCS was a huge sacrifice for my own parents. We drove an old clunker of a car and never had designer jeans because of the expense, but I couldn’t be more grateful today that they invested in ME rather than in accumulating more worldly goods. Because of the difference that BCS has made in my life, I too am willing to make the necessary sacrifices for my children to attend.


Maybe it’s the fact that everyone at BCS is there for a reason –because their parents want them in the best possible Christian learning environment outside of the home- that I love this school so much. Maybe it’s that my son can choose any book he wants to from the school library and not have to worry about offensive content. Maybe it’s that right doing rather than wrong doing is applauded and that the majority of the kids honor their parents, respect them, and are even a blessing to them. (Gasp!) It could be that my son doesn’t have to compromise his values and personal beliefs just to be accepted by his peers. Perhaps it’s that my girls will have the option of godly, respectful boyfriends that know better than to pressure them for sex and godly friends that will help them stay accountable if that day ever comes. Whatever the reason, I drop my kids off every morning with tremendous peace in my heart, knowing that they are safe, loved and genuinely valued for who they are, academically and spiritually challenged, and truly…happy. What a privilege!


So I urge you Christian parents out there to stop compromising. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your kids. Boldly take a stand for what’s right. What your kids are being exposed to day in and day out is not acceptable. Raise the bar. Grandparents, stand up for your grandkids’right to actually have a safe and enjoyable childhood without constant exposure to drugs, alcohol, sex, hate, and discrimination. Alumni, take a moment to reflect on how BCS affected your own life and where you would be today without it. Consider giving your own children the opportunity that your parents were willing to give you. Let’s invest in our children-for they are surely worth it!

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