Do You Have the Time?

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So how exactly does one enter into this two-way relationship with God?  I’ve spent more than the past fifteen years trying to figure the answer out!  Ironically, deep down inside, I’ve known it all along and you probably do, too.  It all boils down to spending time with Him.  Time reading the Bible-getting to know who He is and how He does things.  Time worshipping Him.   Time talking to Him.   And then time just listening for Him to talk back. 

This is much easier said than done because the one thing in life we don’t seem to have any extra of…is time. 

 I must confess that I’ve been looking for a shortcut to God my entire adult life.  I’ve never really “had the time” to sit down and read God’s word because I’ve filled my days up with “important things” that “have to be done.”  I race around all day long getting kids ready for school, dropping them off, grocery shopping, running errands, cleaning house, exercising, picking kids up from school, driving kids to library clubs and  piano and cheerleading and soccer and Bible Study, helping with homework, cooking dinner, giving baths, reading stories, and saying prayers.  THEN it’s time to do laundry, wash dishes, iron clothes and think about what all didn’t get done for the day!    

With such a hectic schedule, I’ve searched for an EASY way to God with QUICK results that requires LITTLE TO NONE OF MY TIME.  Well, that’s not exactly how a normal relationship works and it’s definitely not how one with God works.  Who wants a spouse that only comes home every once in a while?  What good is a friend who’s never around?  Successful relationships require a significant amount of time spent together.

Confession #2  My to-do list above isn’t quite complete.  I left off a thing or two…or three or four…You see, I failed to mention that Monday nights at 8 are kinda off-limits.  And Tuesdays from 8 to 10.  Thursdays at 8 are taken, too.  Oh yeah, nine on Thursdays is not really available either. 

Remarkably,  in the midst of my “busy-ness” I somehow manage to never miss an episode of my favorite TV shows.  But I don’t have time to read the Bible.  You know, because I’m just really very busy.  And then I’m just really tired and need to relax…

I’m sure you know what’s coming next.  It’s the thing we already know we should do but we don’t really want to do because we like what we are already doing!

I’ve  had to make a choice to re-prioritize my life.  The truth is that we MAKE time for that which is truly important to us.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my shows just as much as anyone.  And I didn’t have to give them all up.  But I did have to limit them along with many other things. 

Perhaps the most difficult thing I’ve chosen to give up is scrapbooking.  (Okay, let’s all agree that I’m a mega dork now and get it over with!)  I absolutely love love LOVE photos of my kiddos and the  precious moments in time that they capture.  I can spend hours upon hours creating masterpieces with them.  At times, the hobby has literally consumed me, my thoughts, and my energy.   But do I really want scrapbooks to be the only thing I have to show for myself in life? 

 I have a feeling that God probably isn’t all that pleased to be in direct competition for my time with scrapbooks and Criminal Minds re-runs.

You can laugh all you want, but I have to admit that it was really difficult to let go.  I mean REALLY difficult.  But, as the days turned into weeks it got easier and before long, the desires died altogether.  I still watch some of my shows, but only after I’ve spent time with the Lord.  I’m sure I’ll scrapbook again someday, but not until I get to the point where I can value it less than I value spending time with the Lord.

How about you?  Do you have the time?  Has God asked you to give up anything important lately?

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