I’ll Have What HE’s Having

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Is it just me or does anybody else out there believe that there is more to this life than just living and dying?  That you’re on this earth for a reason – to do something that actually matters – to carry out a specific purpose? 

Don’t worry.  Your secret’s safe with me.  Because as corny as it sounds, my deepest desire is to be a “world changer.”  By the masses or one person at a time.  Either way works for me – as long as I am somehow used to touch a life, mend a heart, change an attitude, lead someone into truth. 

Now maybe my mother told me I was special one too many times, but I think the real source of this pressing desire to make a difference in others’ lives is actually my father…my Heavenly Father, that is.  Not only does He put desires deep within us, He also provides us with the tools necessary to fulfill those desires.

Ten and a half years ago I sat in a church pew listening to a teaching by a man named John Paul Jackson.  In the middle of his message, he called me out and prophesied over me.  At the time, I was not at all familiar with the spiritual gift of prophecy and had no intentions of familiarizing myself with it.  It was one of those parts of scripture that our particular denomination altogether dismissed.  (Maybe somebody tore those pages out of our Bibles)  Along with healings, deliverance, and miracles, I believed prophecy was a thing of the past –for I had been taught only the Gospel of Jesus, not the gospel that Jesus taught.

With my childhood church background it should have been easy to go home and forget the words spoken over me.  However, that proved to be quite impossible because the words John Paul spoke were not his own.  They were directly from the Lord.  They were not general in nature, but very specific.  In fact, they hit so close to home that those who knew me best were just as stunned as I was.  How could this complete stranger speak the details of my life so accurately?  There was no doubt –this man definitely had a connection with the Lord unlike anything I had ever seen before.  He heard from God on a regular basis, something I desperately craved in my own life. 

Life happened.  We started a family and it grew and grew and grew!  Extra time in my life literally became non-existent.   My destiny didn’t appear to be coming to pass.  But I held onto those life-changing words that God chose to plant in my heart that fateful day.  And now, years later, I am finally seeing the fruit of them!

Over the years I’ve poured over John Paul’s teachings as well as those of my own pastor, Jim Way of the Remnant Church, and also those of Dr. Richard Booker of the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies.  These three men all hold a priceless treasure that I seek.  They hear and know the Lord intimately.  They are living proof that Christianity is more than empty religious practices and unanswered prayer.  That a living, breathing, loving God genuinely desires to communicate with us individually and will if we allow Him to!  That He chooses to empower us and to use us to share His truth to overpower deception.  To be His light in the midst of a world full of darkness.  To speak His life into those that are dying.  To bring deliverance to those in bondage.  And to release healing to those who are broken.  As I have sat under their ministries, I’ve come to realize that the close relationship that they maintain with God the Father and the ability to be used for His purposes is much too big to embody in my current spiritual state.  There must first be an emptying.  A purging to free me from everything within that might stifle God’s voice and suppress His presence.  I welcome that cleansing process because it is there in that place of brokenness that my dream of being used to impact others will finally be realized.

As I think of each of these three godly teachers, my prayer to God goes something like this, “I’ll have what he’s having!  I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.”

As I continue in my blog, know that the inspiration for my writings comes from the Biblical principles and truths that I’ve gleaned from the teachings of the aforementioned men that have been divinely placed in my path.




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