Halloween: Being a Light in a Dark World

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To be completely honest, I’ve been avoiding blogging about Halloween at all costs.  It’s an extremely controversial subject – especially within Christian circles!  I have precious friends and family members that fully embrace the celebration and others that strongly stand against it.  And both sides offer a convincing argument.  Being the un-confrontational peacekeeper that I am, I thought I’d just plead the fifth regarding the celebration.  HOWEVER, the Lord did not find that to be fitting for me.  He asked that I stop fearing what people might think and just write.  So, today the floors will remain unswept.  The pile of clean laundry on the couch will not be folded.  And this sweaty body (elliptical and ab day) will have to wait on a shower. 

To those of you who want nothing to do with this evil day, I’m going to ask that you stop for just a moment and entertain the idea of participating in the world’s celebration of Halloween-but in an entirely different way.  Before you get upset and ‘x out of my blog, please keep reading and give me a chance to explain!

 Just as most Christians have at some point or another, we’ve struggled with whether or not to let our kids wear costumes, carve up pumpkins, and trick or treat.  We personally choose not to “celebrate” Halloween in the traditional ways, including letting our kids choose “nice” costumes that aren’t scary.  That doesn’t in any way mean we FEAR the day or the symbols that have been connected with it for years.  And we certainly don’t attribute any power to them.  We do not judge anyone who celebrates the holiday and teach our children that those who embrace it either do so by choice or have not been educated as to what they are actually exalting. 

As far as going to church festivals or Halloween alternatives, there is a huge difference between actually getting out there yourself and making an effort to shine God’s light in the midst of darkness and just showing up somewhere “Christian” for the candy and fun.  Unlike the few churches and organizations that work so hard to use the Halloween holiday as a ministry opportunity to change lives, most Christians silently camouflage in amongst the evil because they don’t want their kids to miss out on loads of candy and a cute photo op.  Instead of being set apart and getting out there and sharing God with those who don’t know Him,  they’re out celebrating this pagan holiday in their “nice” costumes along with the rest of the world and are therefore not in a position to allow God to work through them (and their children) to overcome the darkness.

I believe that Jesus, himself, would be out and about on this evil night.  He definitely would not be in costume joining in on a celebration that by and large celebrates evil – for He is HOLY.  But He would be walking the dark streets.  He’d most likely be doing non-stop deliverance along His way, setting people free from the sin and deception that has enslaved them for years.  He’d be healing various afflictions and diseases, loving on the unlovely, and drawing everyone within sight near because of the unconditional love that radiates from Him. 

Halloween is a HUGE opportunity for Christians to plant seeds of truth and bring the Kingdom of God to those that need it most.  There is NO OTHER night of the year that people just show up at your doorstep SEEKING.  Why not give them a real treat?  Share the light of the world with them! 

I’ll end by sharing one last thought.  Our family has had the opportunity to help with church festivals over the years but we’ve also sat at home many Halloween nights to avoid the holiday altogether.  This morning as I worked out and debated back and forth whether or not we should keep the kids out late the night before school, the Lord brought to mind the scripture passage that speaks of the stoning of Stephen.  The Bible tells us that Saul himself did not participate in the evil.  Yet, he stood near, the coats of the killers at his feet, and said nothing.  The Amplified Bible notes that Saul not only consented to Stephen’s death through his lack of action, but he also was pleased and entirely approving of it.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not want to be a “coat holder” who doesn’t stand up for what’s right and is just as guilty as the others.  I’m not asking you to throw out the expensive costumes you’ve already purchased or break your little ones’ hearts by cancelling the trick or treating that they’ve looked so forward to (Though the Lord may!) 

I AM  asking that you allow the Lord to use YOU to share His light with others.

  At the very least, PRAY for the people you encounter throughout the night.

If anyone’s looking for an opportunity to minister to others on Halloween night, we’d love to have you join up with Remnant.  We plan to light up the night at Shane and Cari’s house in Freeport!  We’ll be serving free nachos, praying over trick or treaters, doing “Psalm” Readings, worshipping, and whatever else the Lord has planned for us!  We’d love to have you!

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