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June 17, 2014

New Kit Release: Perfect Imperfection

I’m super excited to announce the release of our newest digital scrapbooking kit, “Perfect Imperfection.”   I’ve wanted to do a Christian themed kit since Josiah and I started designing.  I started this kit working with the magenta and teal with black but quickly gravitated towards a softer shade of taupe.  I couldn’t decide between the two and eventually decided that I didn’t want you guys to miss out on either so I compiled the black elements into an add-on for the kit.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything turned out!  I absolutely love the contrast between the various elements in this kit.  Beauty and elegance vs. raw blunt edges and roughness.  I feel like it is the perfect representation of who I am as a person.  Who says you have to be one way or the other?  I’m a little of both!  Josiah did an outstanding job on some of the papers included in the kit.  What can I say, the boy has a GIFT!  He never ceases to amaze this proud mama!

This kit just kept growing and growing!  Included in Perfect Imperfection are the following:

25 designer 12″ x 12″ background papers, 10 glitter 12″ x 12″ background papers, 2 12″ x 12″ borders, 10 angel elements, 1 angel frame, 2 closed Bibles, 1 open Bible, 5 bows, 1 broken heart, 1 butterfly, 1 “old becomes new” triple butterfly, 1 cherubs, 1 choir, 1 church, 3 crosses, 1 king’s crown, 2 crown of thorns, 2 double photo frames, 2 photo frames, 2 doves, 1 crochet flower, 1 flourish, 1 foliage, 2 glitter flowers, 3 glitter pieces scatter, 2 glitter paint smears, 2 plain hearts, 2 metallic hearts, 2 cutout crown of thorns heart, 1 key, 1 Lord’s supper, 1 Mary and Jesus, 1 music staff and notes, 1 row of people, 1 praying hands, 1 ichthus, 1 boy praying, 1 girl praying, 1 preacher, 5 roses, 1 dried rose, 1 stained glass window, 2 sets of stitches, 1 bread and wine


 Click HERE to purchase the “Perfect Imperfection” digital scrapbooking kit.


Click HERE to purchase the “Perfect Imperfection” designer papers.


Click HERE to purchase the “Perfect Imperfection” glitter papers.


Click HERE to purchase this awesome add-on to the “Perfect Imperfection” kit.

April 19, 2014

New Kit Release: CRAZY FOR COLA

So…I’ve been working as fast and as furious as I can to get our Disney trip scrapped.  Next up on the list, is our experience at Disney’s Club Cool.  Sponsored by Coca Cola, Club Cool offers free fountain drinks for the kids to sample from all over the world and an endless supply of tasting cups.  We let the kids spend around ten minutes trying the various flavors (some good and some really bad!) and paid for it the rest of the night.   I seriously don’t think Glory stopped talking until she fell asleep!  Needless to say, we had multiple bathroom breaks for the rest of the night, too!  But the kiddos really enjoyed it, and it WAS quite refreshing!

When I designed this kit, I decided to focus on the cola aspect of Club Cool.  My 11 year-old, Alyssa Joy, LOVES coke and I must admit that I share her passion for it!  There’s nothing like the burn of a well mixed soda fountain coke!  So it was only fitting to head that direction with the theme of the kit.  Enjoy!


Click HERE to purchase the “Crazy for Cola” digital scrapbooking kit.

Here, you can see the elements a little more clearly.



And now, the papers.


Here are some Glitter Papers to add some bling…


Click HERE to purchase the “Crazy for Cola” glitter papers.

Here are the coordinating Alphabets.


Click HERE to purchase the “Crazy for Cola” Alphabets.

and finally, for those who purchase the entire Crazy for Cola collection…I couldn’t resist throwing in some awesome Coca Cola themed freebies!

  **Please note that these freebies are copyrighted and NOT FOR SALE by FractalBoy Designs.  They are a thank you gift and will be sent separately from the other downloads.**


Here is a layout I created with the kit.  My daughter L.O.V.E.S coke more than anything on the planet.

  When she saw this huge bottle at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, she wanted her picture made with it.


Thank God it’s FRIDAY! Friday is my only day off…ALONE! It’s only noon and I’ve already been to a fruit tree sale, dropped forgotten lunch money off at the kids’ school, balanced my checkbook, made homemade cinnamon rolls for next week and started laundry. I’ve got about a million other things I should be doing right now, but I thought I’d take a few minutes to get Josiah’s and my latest digital scrapbooking kit up on the blog. Now that we know a little bit more of what we are doing, and it isn’t quite so hard to figure things out, it’s getting pretty FUN! The other day as Glory was pretending to be a doctor taking care of her puppy, I snapped a really cute photo of her. But what really captured my attention was the “diagnosis” she gave her “patient.” There’s nothing I fall harder for than spelling that falls short! (from a first grader that is!) Sorry teachers out there, but I just LOVE her attempts to spell things she hasn’t learned yet. She also created a little checklist of “medical problems” in her Doc McStuffins notebook from Granna. A WHOLE PAGE of wobbly first grade mispelled words!! What a TREASURE for this sentimental mom! I couldn’t wait to get started on a kit to use her precious writing in. So here it is, TIME FOR A CHECKUP by FractalBoy designs. For all those of you out there that don’t like misspelled words…don’t worry, I had her re-write the words with the correct spelling (though I still prefer them the way she originally did them!) Inspired by my seven-year-old daughter’s imaginative play and art, as well as Disney’s hit preschool program Doc McStuffins, Time For A Checkup is the perfect digi scrap kit for all things boo-boo, sickness, and doctor related. kit_template_elements_and_wordart_web


Click HERE to purchase the “Time for a Checkup” Digital Scrapbooking Elements, Wordart, and Alphabet.


Click HERE to purchase the “Time for a Checkup” designer papers.


And for all you sentimental mamas out there like me, here is a closeup scan of Glory’s original checklist. Blud. Brooses. A busted noas. (busted nose) Now who can resist that?!?! img144 I don’t know about you, but my Christmas vacation literally FLEW by! Especially this past week. Josiah and I have been on the laptops from sun up ‘til sundown and as late into the night as we can hold our eyeballs open. We’ve brainstormed. We’ve laughed. We’ve grumbled. We’ve pulled our hair out in frustration at our lack of knowledge in some areas. But tonight all our hard work seems worth it- as we FINALLY get to unveil our very first digital scrapbooking kit and share it with the world! Those of you that know my Josiah will smile when you hear the name we chose to design under. I mean, what other name could possibly be more fitting for a brilliant numbers, math, and science-loving boy that’s absolutely addicted to solving impossible brain puzzles and fascinated with creating fractals? Hello? That’d be FRACTAL BOY Designs of course! LOL! The inspiration behind our kit comes from Disney’s latest movie, FROZEN. We took the kiddos to see it for the early release a few weeks ago. I have to admit that I probably loved it even more than my girls (if that’s even possible!) Disney switched the storyline up a bit this time-in a really good way. It’s rare that the “bad guy” (or in this case, the bad girl) in a Disney movie doesn’t want to be bad. I liked that! And I really liked the importance they placed on the two sisters’ relationship in the movie and that the story revolves more around their relationship than around a “boy meets girl” relationship. And if that’s not enough, I love the fact that this one gives the message that you don’t have to be perfect to fall in love. All that being said, we’re big supporters of the movie! We’ve got the castle and the dolls…and the plush…and everybody’s ipods are playing, “Do you want to build a snowman” 24/7! Not surprisingly, Glory (my almost 7-year-old) asked to have a Frozen themed party for her birthday. I immediately got online to buy a kit to make her birthday invites with and found that there isn’t one! “What?!?! No Frozen kit?” I thought. “Well, I’ll just have to make my own!” So here you have it! For the first time ever…FractalBoy Designs is releasing our very first digital scrapbooking kit called BELOW 32.


$6.99 Below 32 Digi Scrap Kit


In addition to the original kit, we have 2 glitter alphas, glitter papers, patterned papers (check out my absolute favorite one of Olaf the snowman drawn with a finger in a frosty window!) and a large set of word art inspired by the movie. FB_B32_alpha_preview

$2.99 Below 32 Alphas



$2.99 Below 32 Glitter Papers



$3.99 Below 32 Patterned Papers



$3.99 Below 32 Wordart


And my most favorite part of all….(drum roll please!) An AMAZING set of 4 Frozen themed FREEBIES that my son Josiah created! Is he incredible or what?! These snow globes will be sent to you for FREE when you purchase the entire frozen collection including the kit, the patterned papers, the glitter papers, the wordart, and the alphabets. (PLEASE NOTE that you will need to download these separately from the rest of your order.) The Disney Frozen images in the snow globes are wallpapers downloaded for free online. They are not for sale by FractalBoy Designs, but are a thank you gift.

snowglobes--freebie-preview entire collection

Need a little inspiration? Here is a page I put together to show you what you can do with this kit. Did I tell you how much I LOVE this movie? 😉 frozen-CT-inspiration-1-web

And last, but certainly not least, we have a special little FREEBIE for you to thank you for visiting the blog and checking out BELOW 32. Isn’t it adorable? FB_B32_Olaf_cluster_freebie 
Click here to download.

Please note that the Disney Frozen Olaf image in the frame was extracted from a wallpaper downloaded for free online. It is not for sale by FractalBoy Designs, but is a thank you for visiting the blog.

Thanks so much for sharing this exciting new journey with us! Josiah and I have recently embarked on a new adventure (digital design for him, digi scrapping for me!) using Adobe Photoshop Elements. He is definitely the “brain” behind our designs, endlessly experimenting and figuring out how to make the cool effects (like glowing and fire and glitter to name a few) I ask for! We have literally spent HOURS learning the very basics of the program these last few weeks and have finally found some “common ground” that we can bond over for the very first time! (I’m just NOT into video games. LOL!) But seriously, how incredible is that!?! Whose 14-year-old son BEGS to spend time with them? I’m LOVING it! My only fear is that good ol’ dad will lose patience with us soon…as this hobby can easily become all-consuming and we both would rather be doing it than pretty much anything else! (Especially cleaning and laundry!) We started out using some awesome pre-made quickpages, thinking that would be the easiest and the fastest way preserve our memories. I couldn’t help but to change them up a little bit here and there…and then a lot! Then I tried building a page from scratch by “scraplifting” someone else’s idea (don’t worry, it’s totally allowed!) And finally, I ventured out into the great unknown and attempted to do my own thing. Despite my fears…it was actually pretty easy with a little help from a 14-year-old! This is what we’ve come up with so far. All of these pages were made with digital scrapbooking kits by Kellybell designs. So…what do ya think?









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