Broody Mama

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Michael's Book-p001

One of the first things that BJ and I did after deciding that I would serve another couple as a gestational carrier was explain the process to our children.  At the time, we were having a blast breeding rare chickens.  Our kids were very familiar with all things chicken-from feeding and care to life stages and even death.  We found that the easiest way to explain our upcoming surrogate adventure to them was to use the analogy of me being a warm and toasty “incubator” for another couple’s baby.  Since we had a professional grade incubator happily humming away right here in the house and the kids had helped me take the fertile eggs from the mother hens, incubate them for a time period, candle them to watch the baby chicks develop, grow, and move inside, and watched them hatch out adorable new babies, this concept was just as normal and natural to them as any other!

As we moved forward in our surrogate journey, we were required to meet with a licensed Psychotherapist.  Our counselor shared how important it would be for our couple’s other children to know who exactly I was, what my role in their family would be, and that sort of stuff.  I knew at that moment that I wanted to write a book for the child or children of the couple that I would be working with.  A few days later, the Lord birthed “Broody Mama” in my heart!  Creating the book was more fun than I could have imagined!  I had the opportunity to work with a professional illustrator and got to tell her exactly what I wanted for each image-color scheme and all!  Below are images of the copy we had printed for Erin and Jesse’s little boy, Michael.  He’s still really too small to understand surrogacy, or even remember me for that matter, but I pray that one day he’ll realize just how special he and his family are to me.

Michael's Book-p002

Michael's Book-p003 Michael's Book-p004

Michael's Book-p005 Michael's Book-p006

Michael's Book-p007 Michael's Book-p008

Michael's Book-p009 Michael's Book-p0010

Michael's Book-p011 Michael's Book-p012

Michael's Book-p013 Michael's Book-p014

Michael's Book-p015 Michael's Book-p016

Michael's Book-p017 Michael's Book-p018

Michael's Book-p019 Michael's Book-p020

Michael's Book-p021 Michael's Book-p022

This was our “Chicken Little.”  She was our best broody mama.  She hatched out several different breeds of chicks for us.

IMG_8051 IMG_8138 IMG_8132

Here in the right hand corner is “Yoshi Keiko,” a little Japanese bantam that hatched for us and also adopted any babies that were “mother-less.”


When hens go broody, there is usually no breaking them of it.  Here, three of our Black Copper Marans hens all fought to hatch the eggs.  They ended up breaking most of them!  They were molting at the time, so pardon their nakedness!

easter chick 169 easter chick 171


258 051 019



My beautiful rainbow of colored eggs!





  1. Jim Way said,

    Great job, Julie. It is AWESOME!

  2. Linda Rouse said,

    What a wonderful explanation . Wow! Their little boy will love this.

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